An Introduction to Marine Pollution

My name is Anna, I am geography with ocean science student at Plymouth University and over the next few weeks I will be writing multiple different blog posts covering areas of marine pollution, to give you a better insight into our underwater world and how humans are effecting it.

Pollution is defined as any form of contamination in an ecosystem with a harmful impact upon organisms in that ecosystem (R.B Clark 2002)

There are many different sources of marine pollution these sources could be from oil spills, human waste and litter, fertilizers and toxic chemicals, these enter our oceans via run-off from the land and rivers or dumping in our oceans. The waste either ends up on our beaches, on the ocean floor or it is ingested by marine life which can have drastic impacts on habitats and biodiversity.

Areas which are seeing the affect of marine pollution include;

The Gulf of Mexico- which is now classed as a dead zone, due to extensive oil spilling

Mediterranean Sea- due to the sheer amount of human waste released.

Pacific, Indian and North Atlantic ocean garbage patches.

and many other areas damaged by our human activities.


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