An Introduction to Marine Invasive Species

My name is Chris Hall and I am currently studying marine biology and coastal ecology at Plymouth University. This will be a brief introduction to marine invasive species and how they are introduced around the world, how they affect the world, and what is being done about it.

Marine invasive species are organisms that are taken from their natural habitat and introduced into a new location. Marine species have always been able to distribute themselves throughout the world naturally but human activity has enabled them to be introduced to new areas faster. While some will blend in with the environment and cause no issues some invasive species can take over very rapidly and out compete the natural flora and fauna wiping out populations of native organisms. (Society, 2017)

There are many different vectors contributing to the spread of marine invasive species. One of the more recognised is ballast water in ships. A ship fills its ballast tanks in one part of the world and empties when it reaches its new destination releasing new species into alien worlds. Ballast water is not the only issue but is one of the more prominent vectors. Governments of different countries are forming regulations in order to combat the marine invasive species problem but the process is very slow and will take time. (Society, 2017)

Future posts are intended to make people aware of the issue and how it affects not only the organisms in the sea but human beings as well.


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Society, N. (2017). Marine Invasive Species — Pristine Seas — National Geographic. [online] National Geographic. Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2017].


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