An Introduction to Climate Change

My name is Zach Bourbon, I’m a student at Plymouth University studying Geology and my goal in this blog is to help you understand the impact of the Earth’s climate, and climate change on our oceans.

Climate is an aspect of our world that influences how the biosphere behaves. It is a very powerful force, capable of fuelling evolution and causing extinction. The climate has changed naturally throughout the Earth’s history, it is temperamental, fluctuating between glacial period and interglacial period, cooling event and warming event. But what effect does this have on marine life? And what happens when humans get involved? Our planet is composed of a very carefully balanced group of systems, each playing it’s part to maintain equilibrium. What happens when we break that equilibrium?

Climate change affects the world as a whole, throughout this blog I will aim to help you understand the vital part climate change plays in the well-being of our marine life, and how global warming is threatening to change our world and it’s many inhabitants. Our earth will survive no matter what we do to it, but if we’re not careful, many of its species may not.


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